About Me

Brandon Kleyla has been a part of the entertainment business since he first stepped on stage at 6 years old. Over the past 30 years, he’s been an actor, writer, director and everything in between. He’s been involved with cult classic horror franchises, portraying Josiah in Children of the Corn IV; Oscar winning films such as Gods and Monsters, portraying young James Whale; and after 15 years in Films, he switched direction and ended up in the world of Themed Entertainment.

He works great under pressure and loves short deadlines. His persistence and dedication often pays off, and as Tony Baxter once said when he first saw that Brandon had finally gotten a job at Walt Disney Imagineering, “oh look, someone let the cat in!”

Shortly after starting WDI, it was soon announced that there was going to be a Jungle Cruise themed bar added to the Disneyland Hotel. Having only been with the company a couple of weeks, but having been a Jungle Cruise Skipper, Brandon fought his way into those meetings and shared his vision for how he would decorate it. Not only decorating, but he soon found himself handling all of the show writing as well for what became known as Trader Sam's! Now with two locations! 

During his 8 years at WDI he worked on more than 30 different attractions worldwide in many different aspects including Set Decoration and Field Art Direction, resulting in a total of 5 THEA Awards for Outstanding Achievement.

Brandon has spent the past 5 years as a member of Universal Creative, working on the Universal Beijing Resort as a Prop Manager and Art Director for WaterWorld. And he is currently an Art Director on the upcoming Universal's Epic Universe.