The Field Guide to Tiki Decorating

The Field Guide to Tiki Decorating

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So you want to decorate a tiki bar but don’t know where to begin? Wrong! You do know where to begin, you’re ordering this book! Well done! You deserve a Mai Tai.

Trader Brandon has gathered his expedition team to share years of trade secrets, many of which you will easily be able to do in your own backyard or your own Bar. You can turn your tiki dreams to reality!!

You’ll learn simple techniques to modify everyday artifacts that will bring your backstory to life! Create rust so real that you’d swear it will give you tetanus! Distress items to make them appear weathered and worn! Tips to tie it all together, and so much more!!

with full color "How To's" by Typhoon Tommy, all new illustrations by Tiki Tony, and even an exclusive drink recipe from BG Reynolds!

100 Pages


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